Gate Documentation

Documentation and usage guides on how to set up a Minecraft network and extend Gate with your code.

These pages show you how to get up and running as quickly as possible with Gate.

If you are new to Gate, start with Installation, to get Gate.

The Getting Started section will have your first Gate proxy up and running, and then have you connect Minecraft servers after that.


Gate is an extensible Minecraft proxy written in Go and can be run as a binary or be integrated like a framework with your own code.

Install Gate

Instructions for installing Gate.

Getting Started

Quickstarts for getting up and running with Gate

Configure Gate

This page explains how you can configure Gate using a config file or environment variables.

Extending Gate

Instructions on extending Gate with your code.

Performance of Gate

This page shows you why Gate is so performant.

Last modified September 20, 2020: add Minecraft 1.16.3 (717eae5)