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The Lightweight Minecraft Proxy

Replacing BungeeCord/Velocity • Optimized for efficiency, low memory usage 10MB • Developed in Go • Embrace the cloud native era!


Fewer moving parts

Run Gate's tiny executable practically anywhere or in a container - No Java runtime needed!


Developer Friendly

Gate is written in Go, a modern programming language that is easy to learn and has a great ecosystem of tools and libraries.


Supports Connect out of the box

Get your public or local host proxy network in front of players with organic traffic.


Multi-Version Support

Gate supports Minecraft server versions 1.8 to latest and is constantly updated to support new versions.


Lite Mode

Gate Lite is an ultra-thin lightweight Minecraft reverse proxy for host based connection routing.


High Performance

Gate is designed to be fast and efficient. A proxy that can handle thousands of players with ease.

Released under the MIT License. (web version: 9021206b)