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Auto Config Reload

Gate watches your config file for updates.

Gate supports automatic config reloading without restarting the proxy by watching your config file for changes without disconnecting players.

This is useful for example when you want to change any setting in the config like servers, the motd or switch to Lite mode while staying live.


Generally all settings can be changed without disconnecting players, however some session-related properties like online-mode will only apply to newly connected players that joined after the config update and does not kick players that are already connected with another online-mode.

How it works

Gate watches your config file for changes and reloads it automatically when it detects a change. This is seen as a safe operation, as the config is validated before it is applied. If it is invalid, the reload is aborted and the proxy continues to run with the last valid config.

Switching to Lite mode and Connect

If you want to switch to Lite mode or Connect, you can do so without restarting the proxy. This is useful if you want to test it out or if you want to switch to Lite mode temporarily for maintenance or migration purposes.

How to enable it

This feature is always enabled by default, given that you have a config file.

How to disable it

Please note that the auto config reload feature cannot be disabled. If you feel a compelling need to do so, please don't hesitate to open an issue on our GitHub repository.

Released under the MIT License. (web version: 3ebcb744)