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Enabling Connect Integration

Gate has a builtin integration with Connect to list your proxy on the Connect network.

Great side effect is that it also exposes your locally running Gate proxy to the Internet and allows players to connect to it from anywhere using the free provided domain <my-server-name>

Simply enable it in your Gate configuration:

# Configuration for Connect, a network that organizes all Minecraft servers/proxies
# and makes them universally accessible for all players.
# Among a lot of other features it even allows players to join locally hosted
# Minecraft servers without having an open port or public IP address.
# Visit
  # Enabling Connect makes Gate register itself to Connect network.
  # This feature is disabled by default, but you are encouraged to
  # enable it and get empowered by the additional network services
  # and by the growing community in this ecosystem.
  enabled: false
  enabled: true
  # The endpoint name is a globally unique identifier of your server.
  # If Connect is enabled, but no name is specified a random name is
  # generated on every restart (only recommended for testing).
  # It is supported to run multiple Gates on the same endpoint name for load balancing
  # (use the same connect.json token file from first Gate instance).
  #name: your-endpoint-name
  name: my-server-name

Released under the MIT License. (web version: e8e597be)